Why choose us?

The CWC Group give you peace of mind by looking after your financial and accounting operations. We also use our business advisory expertise to monitor your business, giving you proactive advice on how you can improve your bottom line and net worth.

When you receive The CWC Group services you can look forward to:

  • Friendly and personal service. We’re here to assist you, not to make your day any more stressful. That is why we make it our aim to foster a firm culture of friendliness.
  • Competitive fees. Clients already have enough financial worries without an over-priced accountants fee on top of that. We offer value for money service.
  • Easy access to the firm’s partner. When you join us you also get the benefits of our partner.
  • Work being delivered on time. We understand the time pressures facing your business. That is why we strive to provide timely service solutions for the benefit of your financial growth.
  • At The CWC Group, we are also prepared to offer fixed fee accounting.